Track C: Application of Bioremediation to Complex Sites
C7. Bioremediation Approaches for the Innovative Management of Large or Dilute Plumes




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Scientific and Engineering Considerations for Cost-Effective In Situ Bioremediation of Large, Deep Plumes
J. Skinner and M.-Y. Chu
Combining Biotic and Abiotic Treatment Processes Post In Situ Thermal Treatment (ISTT)
J.G. Booth, R.D. Collins, R. Hogdahl, and R. Simon
Large-Scale In Situ Biotic and Abiotic Dechlorination of Groundwater Impacted with Commingled Chlorinated Ethenes and Chlorinated Methanes
M.M. Mejac, U. Patel, N. Walchuk, and F. Razmdjoo
Innovative ZVI Application for Sustainable Remediation of Chlorinated Solvent Plumes
M. Dreyer, K. Rugge, T.H. Jørgensen, J. Wang, D. Fan, N. Durant, R. Thalund-Hansen, P.L. Bjerg, M.T. Hag, and N. Tuxen
In Situ Enhanced Bioremediation to Reduce Large TCE/PCE Plumes and Government's Life Cycle Costs
P. Srivastav, W.A. Foss, and R.E. Mayer
Full-Scale Application in Italy of a Combined ISCR and ERD Technology for the Treatment of an Aerobic Aquifer Impacted with Tetrachloromethane and Chloroform
A. Leombruni, M. Mueller, F. Lakhwala, and D. Leigh
Bioremediation of Chromium-Contaminated Groundwater in Complex and Large Plumes
B. Liu
Combined In Situ Treatment Methods and Technologies Reduce Mass at Large DNAPL Solvent Site
M. Mazzarese and G. Simpson
Bioremediation in a Combined Remedial Strategy for a Complex Contaminated Site with Ecologically Sensitive Receptors in Brazil
M. de Q. Omote, A.C. Gatti, G.D.C. de Mello, and R. Campos