Track D: Advanced Tools for Assessing Bioremediation
D7. Chemical Fingerprinting and Forensics




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Groundwater Recovery System Replacement Using a Multiple Lines of Evidence MNA Demonstration
D. Gray, T. Vannest, C. Wasteneys, and B. Witt
PFAS Signature®: A Forensic Tool to Differentiate AFFF and Non-AFFF PFAS Sources
K. Dasu, C. Orth, L. Mullins, D. Friedenberg, and B. Hill
Determination of Mass Balance for Fluorine Using Three Analytical Techniques (LC-MS-QQQ, F NMR, and Fluorine-ISE) as a Practical Tool for Testing Ultrasonic Treatment for Degradation of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances
B.B. Souza, J.A. Kewalramanai, D. Prajapati, R. Marsh, J. Meegoda, and P. Juriasingani
Case Closed? Full Remediation of a 1980's Era Superfund Site
T. McHugh and L. Beckley
PFAS Forensics through Applied Statistics: A Review of Case Studies in Chemometrics, Pattern Recognition, and Machine Learning
Z. Neigh, R. Gwinn, H.A. Brown, and J.K. McCurdy