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Answering the Complex Questions We're helping the public health community understand the patterns, risks and consequences of marijuana use.

Marijuana Research

The landscape of marijuana use, both medicinally and recreationally, has expanded dramatically over the last decade, yet the benefits and long-term risks of marijuana are still largely unknown. For more than 50 years, public health leaders have relied on Battelle for objective, science-based answers to complex questions about substance use, from measuring its impacts to understanding its triggers. In times of growing usage, marijuana research is critical yet severely lacking. Where can healthcare workers and policy makers go to find the most relevant research to answer their pressing questions? Battelle's Public Health Center for Substance Use Research is building on deep experience to extend its expertise to marijuana. 


The Battelle Public Health Center for Substance Use Research deploys the world’s best researchers, technologies, and methods to help understand the causes and consequences of marijuana use. Our team focuses on today’s most critical clinical and behavioral questions.

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Our work features:

  • Well designed, well-controlled trials on different forms of marijuana, including inhaled and oral cannabis
  • Large-scale, national public health surveys that follow people who use marijuana over time to understand how often, how much and what forms of marijuana they use


Clinical Capabilities

  • Experimental administration
  • Acute and chronic exposure
  • Use behaviors
  • Passive exposure
  • Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs
  • Risk perceptions
Analytical Capabilities
  • Smoked and aerolyzed product characterization
    • Including VOCs and SVOCs, particle size, metals and HPHCs
  • Human puff by puff replication
  • Physical product characterization
Epidemiology/Policy Capabilities
  • Prevalence of recreational and medical marijuana use and comorbidity with other substances
  • Trends in recreational and medical marijuana use over time
  • Driving and workplace impairment
  • Clean indoor air laws
Health Communication Capabilities
  • Health education
  • Dissemination and translation of scientific findings
  • Evaluation of health communication messaging for impact
Focus on Vulnerable Populations 
  • Pregnant and postpartum women
  • Youth
  • Racial and ethnic minorities
  • Active duty military and veterans
  • Aging populations
  • Individuals of low socioeconomic status
  • Individuals with mental health conditions


Marijuana use presents many pressing public health questions, and Battelle is working to find the answers. Battelle provides scientifically defensible and balanced research to improve public health.

We bring together leading experts in behavioral science, analytical and physical chemistry, pharmacology, psychology, toxicology and related disciplines to answer complex questions. Our research is grounded in solid, objective science and proven methods to deliver trusted data.