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Aging & Gerontology

How can we help older adults stay healthy, independent and happy? Battelle’s experts are working to provide those answers. 


The U.S. population of adults older than 65 is projected to grow to 55 million by 2020. We bring together experts across a wide range of disciplines to find science-based solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing older adults and the organizations that serve them.

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Our services include:

Healthcare Modeling and Analytics
Issues around aging are complex. How do you sort through all of the information to get a clear picture of what the data are telling you? Battelle can help. We leverage cutting-edge analytical methods to help you identify meaningful and relevant patterns to make informed and timely decisions. Learn more.

Healthcare Quality Improvement
Battelle works with agencies such as CMS and the VA, as well as hospitals and healthcare providers, to provide objective and meaningful information to improve healthcare quality. Learn more

Human Centric Design
Our cross-disciplinary product development teams combine cognitive psychology, behavioral science and industrial design to help you understand how human capabilities and limitations affect product safety, efficacy and usability. We can help you integrate human-centered design principles into products designed for older adults and specific subpopulations, such as individuals with limited mobility, eyesight or manual dexterity. Learn more.

Medical and Assistive Device Development
Older adults have special needs when it comes to medical devices and assistive technologies. We can help you understand those needs and bring effective new solutions to market that make a real difference. Our experience spans a full range of medical and assistive technologies, from easy-to-use drug delivery systems to transportation technologies that help older people stay safe and independent. Learn more

Program Evaluation
Our research has long been trusted to guide program development and public policy. We support critical public health research and program development with expert evaluation, on-the-ground support and subject matter expertise for a wide variety of public health programs. Learn more

Health Communications
Our health communications experts can help you reach your target population with accurate, effective and easy to-understand health information. We develop effective communication campaigns and educational programs to help people understand complex issues and make better health decisions for themselves and their families. Learn more


Our work with our clients helps to provide better solutions to address the needs of older adults and their families.