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The New Science of Corrosion

Creating Smart, Corrosion-Fighting Coatings with Encapsulation Technology


what’s inside

Battelle has developed a new approach to detecting and mitigating corrosion. The Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® capsule uses encapsulation technology to deliver a self-healing payload when corrosion is detected. By combining detection and healing properties in a single capsule, it can slow or halt the progress of corrosion as soon as it starts.

Download our white paper and learn the science of corrosion resistance:

The Science of Encapsulation

Creating the Microcapsule

The Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® Capsule

Faster, More Effective Protection Against Corrosion


apply what you learn

Smart, self-healing coatings could help extend the life of equipment and infrastructure and reduce the risks of corrosion-related failures.

Just provide a bit of information on the right and you can learn more with our white paper: The New Science of Corrosion

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