Restoring Motion and Touch with Brain-Computer Interface

Photo: Brain showing different areas

COLUMBUS, Ohio (August 8, 2020)—While you're listening to this podcast you may be doing something else as well. Maybe you have a cup of coffee in front of you that you might take a sip out of occasionally as you listen.

It’s simply a matter of picking up the cup at the right time and moving to your mouth. Nothing to it, except that what’s actually happened is incredibly complex.

It’s only when we are injured or debilitated in some way that we truly appreciate the miracle that is movement.

Restoring that ability to those who have lost it is a monumental task and one that this week's guest is at the forefront of

Patrick Ganzer is Principal Research Scientist with Battelle.

Listen to the full podcast here.


Aug 08, 2020


Jonathan McCrea



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