My One Big Tech-Fueled Prediction for 2024: AI ‘Vanishes’

Photo: Two co-workers conversing

It’s that time of year again, when people publish their top-10 or top-20 lists of what lies in the year ahead. Rather than pile on with another list, I’m limiting my contribution to one compelling (or half-baked) trend for the year ahead.

So, here we go: In the year ahead, artificial intelligence will become ever more pervasive. So pervasive, in fact, that it will start to become invisible — to actually begin to vanish, from the hype cycles, even from our consciousness.

Only 4% of businesses currently use AI. In the future, it may be invisible to users, an analysis from NBC shows. "Few businesses will work with AI directly. Instead, they’ll use applications built on top of AI that look familiar and accessible."

Within enterprise walls, “AI is already being embedded into our core technologies and that is only accelerating," says Mike Haney, chief information officer at Battelle Memorial Institute. "I expect AI to be woven into the very fabric of every organization and become a foundational component of every piece of technology that we'd consider adopting."

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