Ohio Will Help Fire Departments Destroy PFAS-laden Firefighting Foam

Photo: pfas annihilator technician hold a jar of contaminated and decontaminated pfas

Ohio has launched the first program in the country to collect and destroy PFAS-laden firefighting foam.

The takeback program is a statewide effort for fire departments to dispose their stores of Aqueous film forming foam, otherwise known as AFFF – one of the most pervasive sources of "forever chemicals."

Until now, Ohio fire departments have had no way of getting rid of their stores of foam, which can risk residents' health if the foam contaminates soil and drinking water.

While there are no official figures, state officials estimate there are tens of thousands of gallons of the foam in Ohio, which has been piling up while waiting on a solution.

But through the takeback program, the state of Ohio will partner with the environmental services company Revive Environmental to collect and destroy the firefighting foam.

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