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Employee Off-boarding

This resource is to help you efficiently transfer from Battelle. Please direct all general inquiries to the Battelle Human Resources Department at 614.424.5000.

Solver Points and E-Card Program (formerly Blue Chip Program)

You can log onto for up to 30 days after your termination date to redeem your points from the rewards catalog. If you have any issues or questions please contact Halo Recognition at 1-888-598-4455 or email

Battelle Equipment

You are required to return all computers, RSA SecurID Tokens, corporate phones, iPads, tablets, and any and all Battelle owned computing assets. Please coordinate with your manager to ensure proper shipment/return of all Battelle equipment. For assistance or questions, please contact the Battelle IT Service Desk at or call 614.424.5555.

Battelle Licensed Computer Software

You are required to remove all Battelle licensed software from your home computer. Examples of such software include, without limitation: Microsoft Office, virus protection software, and terminal emulators.

Typically, software is removed by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel > double-click Add/Remove Programs. Highlight the software to be removed and click the Change/Remove button. Contact the Battelle IT Service Desk at or call 614.424.5555 for assistance.


Benefits Information

Some of your benefits end when your employment at Battelle terminates and others can continue. Learn about your benefit options at termination, including medical, dental, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, voluntary benefits, and retirement savings by referencing the guide Benefit Options at Termination Guide. If you're locate in Puerto Rico, you can reference this guide.

For COBRA enrollment information and to file FSA claims, visit (keyword: Battelle). You must submit FSA claims by March 31, of the year after the expense was incurred. If you have eligible FSA claims you need to file after 1 year, you will need to file the appropriate paper claim available below.


Change of Address

Please notify Battelle Benefits of a future change of address in writing. This will help ensure any future paperwork, including paychecks, tax documents, pension, savings plan, and health information, reaches you in a timely manner. Please supply your employee ID number and your name along with the new address to

Continuing Legal Obligations

Please remember that under the terms of your Battelle Employment Agreement:

  • You are obligated to maintain in confidence the proprietary and other sensitive information of Battelle and those with whom it does business and,
  • You are obligated to return all records and other Battelle property to Battelle.

You may obtain a complete copy of your Battelle Employment Agreement by contacting Battelle Staff Records at or call 614.424.3611.

Educational Assistance

Please contact with any questions pertaining to the Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Electronic W-2

If you have signed up to receive an electronic W-2 using your Battelle email address, you will need to change your email address to ensure that you receive the notification when your W-2 is available to download.

  • Go to
  • Enter the five-digit Employer Code of 14515
  • Enter your User ID, which was your Battelle Employee ID
  • Enter your PIN (NOTE: If this is your first time logging into the system, you will need to enter the default PIN = Last four digits of your SSN + YYYY of birth (Ex. 99991968).  Please contact the Payroll office if your PIN needs to be reset to the default) 
  • Select “My Account”
  • Select the corresponding personal information you wish to change (email, mailing address, or phone number)
  • Select “Edit” next to the information you wish to change
  • Click "Save" after you have updated the information.

You will see a receipt window indicating that you have successfully updated your personal information.

If you have not signed up to receive an electronic W-2, please go the using the login information shown above and click the “Go Paperless Today” button on the main screen and follow the prompts.  You should receive a receipt page indicating that you have consented for online delivery of your W-2. 

You are required to consent to electronic delivery of your W-2 for security purposes. To ensure system setup and processing, we request that you complete the consent for your electronic delivery as soon as possible and no later than Nov. 30. Please note if we do not receive your consent for electronic delivery, you will receive a paper copy of your W-2 on or around Jan. 31. 

If you have questions about this process, please send an email to or call Battelle’s Payroll office at 614.424.7143.

Employment Verification Services

If an employer, loan officer, or other party needs to verify your previous employment with Battelle, the request must be submitted to:

The Work Number
(800) 367-5690

Employer Code: 14515

Username: Employee ID

PIN: Last 4 digits of Social Security Number + Employee's Birth Year


Garnishments will be deducted from your final salary check. Please contact Payroll at or call 614.424.7143 if you have any questions. 

Medical Physicals

If your position required medical monitoring and you receive periodic health physicals, you are eligible for an exit health physical, however it is not mandatory. Contact Health Services at 614.424.6337 to schedule an appointment within 30 calendar days from your termination date.

Outplacement Assistance

For staff members who are terminated due to reduction in force (RIF) or job elimination, we have contracted with CareerMinds to provide outplacement assistance free of charge. Click here for additional information. Please call 888.660.0956 or email

If you have questions regarding your eligibility in this program please contact the HR Department at 614.424.5000. 


Your final paycheck will be a direct deposit into your account. If you have a PTO balance it will be paid separately and also issued as a direct deposit. The direct deposit confirmation will be mailed to your home address, therefore please verify that your address is current in our system. Please contact Payroll at or call 614.424.7143.

If you are in an IC eligible job and are terminated due to a reduction in force, you need to have been a participant in the plan for at least 3/4ths (employed as of June 30) of the plan year in order to qualify for a payout. The bonus will be paid out in December and will also be a direct deposit.

If you are in an IC eligible job and voluntarily terminate prior to the fiscal yearend (before October 1), you will not be eligible for an IC payout.

Payroll Tax and W-2

If you have a tax related question or need a copy of your W-2 from a prior year, please contact Payroll at or call 614.424.7143.

Security Clearance

Questions regarding Security Clearances should be directed to Government Security at or 614.424.4700.


If you receive severance pay and subsequently become reemployed with Battelle within the Severance Period, you must either repay the excess severance pay, in full, or establish a severance repayment schedule with Payroll 614.424.7143. For example, if you received six weeks of severance pay and are rehired by Battelle four weeks after your termination date, you will be required to repay two weeks of severance pay.

You may not commence work with Battelle during the Severance Period without making acceptable repayment arrangements for excess severance paid. Staff rehired by Battelle should denote only the most recent uninterrupted service is credited toward future severance pay. 

Travel or Purchasing Card

For questions regarding outstanding issues please contact Travel Accounting at or call 614.424.​3125. Purchasing can be reached by email at ^BCO Pcard.