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From precision farming methods to complex environmental fate projects, Battelle is solving the problems that matter most to companies that feed the world.  We deliver innovative agribusiness solutions that lead to new products and boost existing product productivity while maintaining safety and sustainability within the global food system.

Expert scientists at our facilities in the U.S. and Europe perform an array of testing and analysis (GLP and non-GLP compliant), develop new products and provide regulatory and risk assessments.



Battelle develops innovative techniques to improve shelf-life, field efficacy and ease of application for a wide range of biologic products. We bring together deep experience in agrichemical formulation with world-class biologics expertise honed in the pharmaceutical and biodefense industries to find practical solutions for your bioformulation challenges.


Accelerate product development and registration for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with advanced biotechnology, immunobiology and bioinformatics approaches. Battelle provides an integrated scientific focus on research, development and regulatory compliance to help you move GMOs to market quickly while controlling costs and risks.

Conventional Formulation

Battelle can accelerate your agricultural formulation development schedule and gain access to new markets across Europe and North America. We help agrochemical producers meet the demands of a growing global population and a highly competitive industry with an integrated approach to research, development and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Fate

Battelle assess your product risks and helps you meet global product registration requirements with accurate, defensible data. We provide a range of services for agrochemical developers and producers, from single studies to complex, whole programs, including dossier preparation and submission.

Plant & Animal Metabolism

Get your agrochemical and agricultural pharmaceutical or nutritional products to market safely and reliably with Battelle’s comprehensive plant and animal metabolism studies. We combine industry-leading expertise to deliver fast, reliable metabolism, pharmacokinetic (PK) and toxicokinetic (TK) studies for product registration and regulatory support.

Residue Studies

Battelle can help you move your product to market quickly with coordinated, customized residue studies designed to meet your regulatory compliance and global product registration needs. We offer comprehensive residue study design, management and execution, from single studies to full programs and study directorship.

Risk Assessment & Regulatory Support

Battelle can get you the data you need to make effective risk management decisions and minimize remedial footprints while achieving project goals and objectives. We have world-renowned competency in regulatory affairs in the U.S. and Europe and provide full-scale registration and re-registration support, as well as expert advice in dossier defense.