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Battelle is a global applied science and technology organization that provides innovative and sustainable scientific solutions to the agrochemical industry. Our scientific research, STEM and philanthropic initiatives provide purpose, support climate resilience, and strive to end world hunger, enabling our clients to develop innovative solutions to agriculture’s most complex challenges.
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A Visionary Organization Providing Crop Protection Excellence

We have nearly 80 years of comprehensive research & development experience in the increasingly complex field of crop protection for improved crop production. Battelle’s solution-based crop protection services, extensive expertise and technology advancements in small molecule and microbial bioformulation development and precision application technologies facilitate the sustainable use of crop protection products in the environment.

Our Solutions

Regulatory Support

Quickly move through the registration process and gain access to new international markets with our wide range of regulatory services.
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Formulation Development

Fast-forward your agricultural formulation development schedule and enter into new markets in Europe and North America.
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Precision Application Technologies

Solve complex environmental fate projects with Battelle’s precision farming methods.
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Product Safety Testing

Safely and reliably test complex materials in collaboration with Battelle scientists and technical experts using world-class testing facilities.
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Banyan Technology™

  • Leverage the benefits of liquid and chemically stable formulations of Sulfonylurea herbicides  
  • Boost performance through multiple liquid co-formulations of Sulfonylurea herbicides with other classes of herbicides  
  • Outperform existing products backed-up by scientific evidence  
  • Achieve sustainability goals through less application rate with same or better efficacy  
  • Developed by Battelle and co-licensed with MASI  
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An International Footprint
Addressing the Global Needs
of Our Clients

Battelle is uniquely positioned globally to work with our clients wherever they are and to deliver solutions where ever our clients need them to be.

United States Locations

  • Columbus, OH
  • West Jefferson, OH
  • Aberdeen, MD
  • Norwell, MA

Global Locations:

  • Chelmsford, UK
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Havant, UK
  • Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • Valencia, Spain
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Six Key Considerations in Choosing an Agrochemical Formulation Partner


Picking the right formulation partner for your agrochemical development is crucial to success of your product. Discover the six key traits to look for when you're choosing a development partner.

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Our dedication to improving the planet is always at the center of our processes and strategies. We remain committed to tactics that support climate resilience and eliminate hunger in developing countries. Battelle also plants the seeds early, educating new generations of science and technology professionals through STEM education and philanthropy. Follow our journey by subscribing to our newsletter.
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Technology Commercialization and Licensing

With over 90 years of research and development experience, Battelle supports all areas of industry with creative and informed thinking focused on encapsulation, crop protection solutions, environmental modelling technologies, and other ready-to-implement intellectual property solutions.

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