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The Battelle Smart Laundry Capsule™ Additive

Can bleaches and activators come together in one highly effective laundry product? With the Battelle Smart Laundry Capsule additive, the activator, together with your bleach products, can be protected within a biodegradable capsule and formulated into liquid detergents for one-step, high efficiency cold-water bleaching power.

Battelle uses microencapsulation technology to create shelf-stable products that combine formerly incompatible ingredients. All of this adds up to an environmentally friendly product that enables better cleaning in cold water, with the added benefit of energy savings and the convenience and cleaning power of a liquid detergent product.

Need a one-step solution for bleach and activation?
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To be effective, bleach has traditionally been used in hot water. The energy savings of cold water require the addition of a chemical activator to a bleach containing product. These activators are stable in a powdered detergent, but will not survive the concentrated liquid detergents that, studies show, are preferred by consumers.


The Battelle Smart Laundry Capsule additive safely encloses the bleach activator, so it can be formulated with a liquid detergent product. The capsule is composed of a functionalized polymer that ruptures when the bleach containing detergent is diluted in the wash-cycle, allowing the activator to be effective from the first load of the bottle to the last. The biodegradable polymer capsule is completely dissolved and rinsed away, without environmental impact.


Benefits of this technology include consumer convenience, as well as energy and cost savings.