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Experience Led, Field Approved Our EMI grids are fully customizable and thoroughly tested.

Microfabrication of Metallic Mesh Coatings

Battelle is the industry leader in designing and applying high quality, high-performance mesh coatings on visible and infrared windows and domes. 


Our metallic mesh coatings provide key advantages over ITO (Indium-Tin-Oxide) and wire grids, including high infrared and optical transmission. We use photolithography to define patterns and electron beam deposition to apply metal coatings to substrate surfaces.  

Our patterned mesh coatings are typically designed for:
  • Electromagnetic Interference shielding
  • Heating (defogging/deicing)
  • LO Properties

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Material substrates include (but are not limited to):

  • Visible: ZKN-7, BK-7, polyimide, Mylar, tempered glass, quartz, fused silica, acrylic, Fiberglass, polycarbonate, Pyrex, LiNbO3
  • Infrared: ZnS, ZnSe, sapphire, germanium, Cleartran, silicon, AlON, CaF2, MgF, spinel
Unique material sizes we can accommodate include:
  • Flat windows, as large as 4 feet by 2 feet
  • Domes with diameters from 2 inches up to 9 inches
  • Flexible sheets up to 2 feet by 10 feet
  • Complex, curved surfaces
  • Standard, small, non-complex surfaces
EMI shielding
Battelle’s work in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding is one application for our metallic mesh coatings. Our EMI services are fully customizable from start to finish, providing mesh coatings fully optimized to fit your needs. Our 30 years of experience says it all, with clients including the Army, Navy, Air Force and various aerospace contractors and Infrared (IR) window manufacturers.

Our quality assurance testing capabilities include:
  • RF and microwave attenuation
  • Visible and IR transmission
  • Shielding effectiveness
  • Resistivity
  • Temperature and adhesion
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratories
Past applications of our EMI shielding capabilities include smart missile seeker domes, night vision reconnaissance windows and aircraft windscreens.


researcher working in a lab


Whether your needs are purely research, proof of concept, or mid-to-high- volume production, Battelle has the knowledge and experience to deliver excellent, cost-effective performance. 

We have been delivering metallic mesh technology and EMI shielding to various industries for over 25 years. With the ability to model coating designs and fabricate the coatings in our Class 100 cleanroom, we can meet your custom system requirements, whatever the material, on virtually any shape or size.

Let us show you how our unique experience and tools can solve your challenge.