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Conquering the Complex

Advanced engineering and innovation are a hallmark of Battelle’s legacy. Our process engineering teams make the complex possible. Let Battelle help you solve your process engineering challenges safely and efficiently.
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Essential Expertise for Critical Resources

For many industries and businesses, sustained supplies of essential materials like rare earth materials are critical. Society and industry rely on these materials to enable technological advancement. But extracting and purification of these materials and developing a process for sustained supply of these resources can be overwhelming. Battelle’s deep team of specialized engineers can help create a process to make the impossible possible.

Photo: Rare earth element after being delivered from the ground

Rare Earth Elements Research  

Many high-tech devices require rare earth elements (REEs) to function – from smartphones to guidance systems. Battelle is conducting important research to find the most effective and efficient ways to extract and separate these REEs out of various domestic feedstocks.

Improving Coal-to-Liquid Technology

In countries, like the U.S., that have significant coal resources, liquifying that coal in liquid fuels can help reduce dependency on foreign fuel resources. Battelle’s process engineering expertise is helping to make this coal-to-liquid technology a reality.

Photo: Coal about to be liquified into a fuel source

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