Advances in Assessing and Monitoring Natural Attenuation

E10. Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction

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Delineating Groundwater Discharge Inputs to Surface Waters Using Thermal MethodsD.K. Hare, R. Henderson, Z. Smith, and D.F. BouttPlatformView
How to Map the GSI of a One-Mile Long, 10 PPM TCE PlumeN.R. Welty, D.T. Rogers, I. Drost, and K. TrestrailPlatformView
A Simple Assessment Reveals Discrete VOC-Contaminated Groundwater Discharges to a Piedmont StreamB. BentkowskiPlatformView
Friend or Foe? Assessing the Effect of the Freshwater-Saltwater Interface on the Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated-Ethene and Chlorobenzene-Contaminated GroundwaterJ.E. Landmeyer, F.H. Chapelle, W.S. McBride, J. Schoolfield, and M.A. SingletaryPlatformView 
Implications of Refining Vertical Resolution of Hydraulic Conductivity in the Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flow to Surface Water, NAS Whiting Field, FloridaE.D. Swain, B.G. Campbell, and J.E. LandmeyerPlatformViewView
From Source to Surface Water: Using Groundwater Geochemistry and Age Dating to Assess the Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated-Ethene Contaminated GroundwaterJ.E. Landmeyer, B.G. Campbell, F.H. Chapelle, E.D. Swain, A.L. Eddington, A. Olsen, and M.A. SingletaryPosterView