Application of Bioremediation to complex Sites

D3. Amendment Distribution Challenges for Large Bioremediation Sites

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Application of Biostimulation and Bioaugmentation to Promote In Situ Biodegradation of Chlorinated Ethenes in Complex HydrogeologyL. LaPat-Polasko and C. AzizPlatformView
Enhancing Bioremediation through In Situ Sorption of Extremely Low Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations at a High-Speed, Italian Railway StationG. Leonard, J. Birnstingl, M. Carboni, P. Goria, M. Petrangeli Papini, F. Arjmand, L. Cesta Incani, and M. BacchiPlatformView
Modification of a Sparge/Vent Groundwater Remediation System in Fractured Rock for Reductive DechlorinationD. Graves, L. Griffin, B. Amos, J. Ivanowski, and R. SatkinPlatformView
Optimization Strategies for In Situ Bioremediation of a TCE Plume at a Complex Site under a Regulatory Paradigm ShiftN.M. Rabah, B.J. Lazar, Y. Kunukcu, and A. BrownPlatformViewView
Inhibitory and Synergistic Effects during Biodegradation of Mixed Contaminants at an Industrial Site in South AmericaP.A. Barreto, D.L. Freedman, M. Lemes, J.K. Henderson, E.E. Mack, and C.S. MowderPosterView 
Utilizing Multiple Methods to Remediate Groundwater in Heterogeneous Soils: Three Florida Case StudiesL. BienkowskiPosterView
Comparison of Biological, Biogeochemical and In Situ Chemical Reduction for Treatment of Mixed Chlorinated Ethenes and MethanesG. Su, M. Tischuk, A. Sidebottom, S. Owen, B. Desjardins, and D. LeighPosterView