Bioremediation Implementation Practices

A2. Combined Remedies for VOCs

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Recent Trends in the Selection of Remedies for Groundwater, Soil, and Sediment at Superfund SitesL. Fiedler, C. Pachon, P. Sinski, and D. WohlerPlatformViewView
Decision Framework for Selecting Multi-Technology Remedy for Complex DNAPL RemediationR. Cardoso, D. Janda, T. Macbeth, and M. FattahipourPlatformViewView
Combined Remedy Bioremediation Enhancement to Address a Trichloroethene Source at a Legacy Hydraulic Containment SiteJ. Langenbach, J. Bartlett, and S. ThotapalliPlatformView 
Concurrent Application of Biological and Chemical Reduction Technologies to Treat DNAPLs in Groundwater: An UpdateA. Northup, T. Feng, and A. HodgesPlatformView 
Bioremediation of a High-Concentration Chlorinated Solvents Mixture: Bioremediation with ISCO PolishingB.V. Brown, A. Ryan, S.S. Turner, D.L. Anderson, and K.S. SorensonPlatformViewView
Combining Persulfate, In Situ Ferrate Generation and Enhanced Bioremediation for Safer, More Effective Remedial ActionsJ.G. Mueller, K. Finneran, R. Darlington, and M. ScalziPlatformViewView
Integrated Characterization of NA of PCE Plume after Thermal Source Zone Remediation: Microbial Techniques and Dual Isotope AnalysisM.M. Broholm, A. Badin, J. Palau, D. Hunkeler, C.S. Jacobsen, P. Dennis, and N. JustPlatformView View
Combined ISCO/Bioremediation at an Operating Gas StationM. King and J. MuellerPosterView 
Treatment of Multiple TCE Plumes in Shallow Aquifer by Sequencing SVE, Chemical Oxidation, and Enhanced Reductive DechlorinationR.C. Bunker, J.T. Spadaro, and F.J. KrembsPosterView 
Combined Remedies Used to Remediate Transportation-Related SpillsM. DooleyPosterView 
Development of a Bioassay to Assess Clogging of a Zero-Valent Iron Permeable Reactive BarrierH. Wang, D.L. Freedman, R. Yu, E. Simonds, L. Lehmicke, and J. PeeplesPosterView View
Rapid Reduction of Chlorinated Solvents Using Combined Bioaugmented Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination and In Situ Chemical Reduction ApproachesK.M. Gaskill and D. DavisPosterViewView
Combined ISCO/Bioremediation for In-Place Soil TreatmentJ. Ogden and J. MuellerPosterViewView
Looking Back at Sites Treated with Electrical Resistance HeatingJ. SankeyPosterView 
Sequencing ISCO and Bioamendments for Successful CleanupJ. Sheldon, T. Vanek, and A. CedzoPosterView View
A State-Led Combined Remedy Approach for Elimination of Chlorinated Solvent Exposure under a Residential NeighborhoodB. Poling, D. Harn, D. Davis, and C. RoebuckPosterView 
Bioaugmentation-Enhanced Chemical Reduction at a Brownfield Redevelopment SiteL. Zeng, S. Abrams, B. Gochenaur, M. Wenrick, K. Novalis, M. Boquszewski, and M. BurkePosterView