Characterization and Bioremediation of Upstream Oil and Gas Releases

B4. Remediation of Hydrocarbon Spills

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Enhancement in the Removal of High Viscosity Oil through Steam InjectionR. Spina and R. CoelhoPlatformView
Remediation and Management of Deep Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacts Using PersulfOx® at a Former Agricultural SiteD. Klimenko and J. RaoPlatformView
Sustainable Remediation of Dissolved-Phase Hydrocarbons at an Active Fuel Service Station Using an Integrated In Situ Remedial SystemB. Rakewich, K. Jackson, K. Bradshaw, and J. GrossklegPlatformView
Sustainable Bioremediation of a Legacy Hydrocarbon Plume Using Biostimulation: Microbiology and BiogeochemistryS.D. Colville, J.M. McBeth, V.F. Bondici, K. Bradshaw, J. Grosskleg, W. Xiong, C. Mathies, M. Pachal, and T. CarlsonPlatformView
Australian Success in Bioremediation Cluster ApproachL. Cartwright, O. King, and M. TreloarPlatformViewView
Enhanced Remediation of Crude Oil-Contaminated Soil by Bioelectrochemical SystemsL. Lu, H. Yazdi, Z.J. Ren, P. Fallgren, S. Jin, and Y. ZuoPosterView
Kuwait Environmental Remediation Program (KERP): Oil Lakes Remediation in Southeast KuwaitD.H. Al-Gharabally, A.S. Al-Barood, and H.A. Al-KandariPosterView
Predictive Kinetics Model for Bioremediation of Crude Oil-Contaminated Soil in Arid EnvironmentD.E. Lekmine, M. Al Bader, A.S. Al Kandari, A. Al Maqseed, and M. Al MuminPosterView
Reducing Mine Site Costs Using a Handheld Infrared Technology for Measuring Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in SoilR. Stewart, G. Webster, and M. TazewellPosterView