Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR)

F9. Best Practices in GSR

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Tesoro's Sustainable Remediation Program: Current and Future Sustainability Considerations and InterplaysK. Waldron, K. Holland, and B. ZinniPlatformView
District-Wide Incorporation of Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) into Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) Program Projects in the USACE Louisville DistrictC.D. White, J.O. VanBogaert, and C.L. DonaPlatformView
EPA Strategies, Policies, and Tools to Advance Greener Cleanups: Evaluating Progress to DateD. Goldblum, D. Kaufman, C. Pachon, K. Scheuermann, H. Thornton, and S. WolfPlatformView
Consideration of Risk Perception as a Sustainable Remediation Best Practice: Case Study on Lead-Impacted ResidencesM.A. Harclerode, P. Lal, N. Vedwan, B. Wolde, and M.E. MillerPlatformViewView
Hidden Benefits and Scalability Opportunities for Sustainable Remediation at Hydrocarbon-Impacted SitesC.M. Espino Devine, N.J. Sihota, L. Hay Wilson, and J. RoccoPosterView