Innovations in Bioremediation Technologies

D9. Phytoremediation/Mycoremediation

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Enumeration of Toluene-Degrading Microorganisms in Combination with Vegetation Hydrocarbon Phytoscreening to Assess Phytoremediation of Toluene in a Shallow Fractured Bedrock AquiferM. Ben-Israel, B.L. Parker, K.E. Dunfield, R. Aravena, E.A. Haack, D.T. Tsao, and J.G. BurkenPlatformView
Assessment of Toluene Biodegradation Activity in Groundwater from a Shallow Bedrock Aquifer with PhytoremediationA. Roebuck, K. Khosla, K. Dunfield, J. Fernandes, B. Parker, S. Chapman, and R. AravenaPlatformView
Phytoremediation and Microbial Degradation Pilot Studies for a Former Waste Water Pond in Northern CaliforniaB. LePage, B. Gray, J. Warner, A. Breckenridge, and K. MorrisPlatformView
Wind-Powered Constructed Wetland for PCE DechlorinationJ.P.A. de Weert, E. Drenth, C. Bus, J.A. van Leeuwen, B. van der Zaan, N.K. Hoekstra, and J. GerritsePlatformViewView
Application of Phytoforensics and Phytoscreening for a PCE-Contaminated SiteB.N. Wang, M.Y. Wu, T.W. Chiang, S.K. Huang, B.T. Guan, Y.T. Wu, J.E. Landmeyer, and H.-C.HungPlatformView 
Current Research on Phytoremediation of PFASsC. Austin, D. Bogdan, and B. HardingPosterView
Treatment of Benzene Contamination Using Rhizoremediation at a Petrochemical Facility in BrazilF. CoelhoPosterView
Integrated Source Isolation and Targeted Phytoremediation to Address a VOC/1,4-Dioxane and Arsenic Plume in Fractured BedrockP.J. Linton, E.G. Gatlif, P. Thomas, and D. RiddlePosterView
Sulfur Supply Increases the Cadmium Uptake by Panicum maximum cv. MassaiF.H.S. Rabêlo, L. Borgo, and J. Lavres JuniorPosterView