Innovative Biological Approaches to Pollution Prevention and Waste Management

C6. Microbial-Based Alternative Energy

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Microbial Electrosynthesis of CO2 to Fuels and Chemicals: Improving Productivity and EfficiencyH.D. May and E.V. LaBellePlatformView
Evaluation of Microbial Fuel Cells for Potential Implementation at Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment PlantW.-M. Ko, M. Ramirez, and B.V. KjellerupPlatformView
Production of Value-Added Products and Commodities by Electrofermentation and Its Integration to BiorefineriesE. Hernández-Correa, H.M. Poggi-Varaldo, M.T. Ponce-Noyola, L. Romero-Cedillo, E. Rios-Leal, and O. Solorza-FeriaPlatformView
Feasibility of Application of a Low-Cost Potential Monitoring Device and Enrichment of Microbial Cultures for Denitrifying Biocathode Fuel CellsJ.E. Borbolla-Gaxiola, H.M. Poggi-Varaldo, M.T. Ponce-Noyola, O. Solorza-Feria, and G. Hernández-FloresPlatformView
Evaluation of Cathodic Assemblages and Monitoring Devices for a Bioelectrochemical Slurry Reactor Treating a Soil Polluted with LindaneR.H. Blanco-Mendoza, H.M. Poggi-Varaldo, R. Hernández-Vera, E. Hernandez-Correa, B. Camacho-Perez, and N. Rinderknecht-SeijasPosterView 
Evaluation of Pretreatment of Intermediate Solids from an H-M-Z-S Biorefinery on Biological Hydrogen Production and SaccharificationL. Romero-Cedillo, T. Ponce-Noyola, H.M. Poggi-Varaldo, and P. Sotelo-NavarroPosterView