Evaluating and Mitigating Vapor

E5. Bioremediation of Munitions Constituents

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Treatability Study to Evaluate In Situ Soil Mixing of EVO and ZVI to Reduce Munitions Constituents in Saturated and Vadose ZonesS.T. Downey, R. Mayer, and R.L. MeadowsPlatformView
Bioremediation Treatability Study for Nitrobenzene, Aniline, and Diphenylamine at a Former Explosives Manufacturing Facility, Southern New Jersey, USAR. Lees, K. Mckeever, and S. YalvigiPlatformView
Wide-Area Infiltration Delivery of Bioamendments to Treat Energetics Contamination within Tropical Vadose Zone Soils on DoD Live-Fire RangesJ.A.K. Silva, R. Babcock, Z. Payne, and C. NelsonPlatformView
Pump and Treat Groundwater Remedy Optimization Using In Situ Bioremediation at Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor Site FM.M. Michalsen, A.S. King, J.D. Istok, and M.J. GanderPlatformViewView
Ex Situ Treatment of Perchlorate in GroundwaterB.A. Robinson, T. Slater, E.C. Ipsen, and K. DeenyPlatformViewView