Evaluating and Mitigating Vapor

E6. Insensitive Munitions: Characterization, Fate and Transport

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Biocatalyst for 2,4-Dinitroanisole Biodegradation and DetectionS. Karthikeyan, Z. Kurt, G. Pandey, J. Bolotin, T. Hofstetter, and J. SpainPlatformView
Chemical and Biological Degradation of Insensitive Munitions (IM) Mediated by Fe(III)-Reducing MicroorganismsK.T. Finneran, K. McGee, K.A. Millerick, and J.B. NiedzwieckaPlatformView
Transformation Products of the Insensitive Munitions Explosive 2,4-Dinitroanisole in Biotic SystemsC.L. Just and H.W. SchroerPlatformView
Biodegradation of the Emerging Insensitive Munitions Compound 3-Nitro-1,2,4-Triazol-5-One (NTO) by Soil MicroorganismsC.L. Madeira, J. Chorover, R. Sierra-Alvarez, and J.A. FieldPlatformViewView
Anaerobic Coupling Reactions between Reduced Intermediates of 2,4-Dinitroanisole (DNAN)J.A. Field, W.M. Kadoya, L. Abrell, E.A. Mash, R. Sierra-Alvarez, and S. WongPosterView