Advanced Tools for Assessing Bioremediation

C1. Modeling and Monitoring Approaches to Improve Remedy Design and Implementation

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Novel Use of Mass Flux Mapping to Optimize Large-Scale Biobarriers for Treatment of Perchlorate, TCE, Chromium and High ExplosivesF.J. Krembs, D. Gravelding, and M.R. OlsonPlatformView
Contaminant Mass Discharge Reduction as a Compliance Metric for a Multi-Technology Remedial ActionD. Giaudrone, T. Macbeth, N. Smith, R. Chichakli, R. Chappell, K. Lynch, and C. CoraPlatformView
Biodegradation of Chlorinated Natural Organic Matter in Contaminated and Uncontaminated Sediment and SoilH. Temme and P. NovakPlatformView
Dehalococcoides Social Networks in Chlorinated Solvent EnvironmentsS. Cecillon, T.M. Vogel, M. Altizer, A.G. Delgado, and R. Krajmalnik-BrownPlatformView
Cryogenic Core Collection and High-Throughput Core Analysis: Post-Remediation Performance AssessmentM. Olson, W. Clayton, T. Sale, M. Irianni-Renno, and R. JohnsonPlatformView 
Verification of Analytical and Amendment Approaches for an In Situ Microcosm Device for Testing Enhanced Bioremediation ProcessesP. Dennis, M. Healy, P. Dollar, D. Graves, H. Groenevelt, and S.ManciniPosterView
Feasibility Study of Low Temperature In Situ Thermal in DNAPL Source Zone Remediation through Numerical SimulationA.Y. Fu, Y. Zhang, L. Zheng, and M.D. AnnablePosterView
3-D Printed Conceptual Site Models: Visualizing Geology and NAPL Distribution at a Superfund SiteC. Ross, R. Lempert, C. Martin, R.D. Walker, B. Jackson, and A. BartonPosterView