Managing Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sites

B5. Natural Source Zone Depletion

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API Guide on Petroleum Natural Source Zone Depletion EvaluationT. Palaia, E. Nichols, B. Bauman, and J. ZimbronPlatformView
Implications of Seasonality for NSZD Rate MeasurementsN.J. Sihota, J. Trost, B. Bekins, E. Warren, and K.U. MayerPlatformView
Use of MIN3P-Dusty Numerical Model to Simulate Rates of LNAPL Depletion for Natural and Bioventing ConditionsI. Hers, P. Jourabchi, A. Kirkman, U. Mayer, and J. WilsonPlatformView
Insights from Continuous Monitoring of LNAPL Natural Source Zone Depletion RatesK. Piontek, T. Sale, K. Karimi Askarani, and E.D. EmersonPlatformView
Current Developments in Thermal NSZD Monitoring: Application at an LNAPL Research SiteP.R. Kulkarni, K.L. Walker, D.C. King, G.P. Marquardt, C.J. Newell, T. Sale, K.K. Askarani, H. Hopkins, M.W. Malander, L. Smalley, and J.H. HiginbothamPlatformViewView
Evolving Conceptual Models for Natural Source Zone Depletion: Methanogenesis, Gas Transport, and Sequenced BiodegradationS. Garg, C. Newell, P. Kulkarni, D.C. King, M. Irianni-Renno, and T. SalePlatformView
Bioventing Revisited: Enhanced NSZD Outperforms Hydraulic LNAPL RecoveryB. Koons, J. Smith, S. Gaito, and A. KirkmanPlatformView
Field Comparison of Two CO2 Sorbent Trap Methods and Dynamic Closed Chamber Method for Soil Gas Flux MeasurementR. Ahlers, A. Pennington, J. Zimbron, and C. JonesPosterView
Microbial and Source Zone Reduction Sensors for Managing Contaminated SitesS.R. Burge, R.G. Burge, D.A. Hoffman, and S. KoenigsbergPosterView
Spatial and Temporal Variation in NSZD Rates at a Large Former Oil RefineryJ. Eichert, B. McAlexander, M. Lyverse, P. Michalski, and N. SihotaPosterView
Quantifying Petroleum Biodegradation Rates Using TemperatureS. Gaito, J. Smith, B. Koons, B. Harding, T. Kalinowski, and N. SwigerPosterView
Quantitative Assessment of Natural Source Zone Depletion Rates at a Former Refinery SiteP. Jourabchi, I. Hers, A. Wozney, U. Mayer, and H. HopkinsPosterView
Historical Trend Testing of a Mass-Balance Method for LNAPL Body Stability at Bemidji, MinnesotaD.A. Lundy, J.F. Dowd, and T.C. RasmussenPosterView
Natural Source Zone Depletion Interacts with Active Remediation at an LNAPL Recovery SiteB. McAlexander, K. Tomita, S. Hunt, and B. TallantPosterView
LNAPL Management: Strategy Development through Investigation, LCSM and NSZDC. MulryPosterView
Heat Flux-Based Estimates of Petroleum NSZD Rates: Uncertainty Analysis Using a Modeling ApproachJ. Zimbron, E. Kasyon, S. Gadaleta, and B. ThakurPosterView