Managing Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sites

B6. LNAPL Mobility, Transmissivity, and Recoverability

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Evaluate a Remedial Alternative to Long-Term LNAPL Management at a Former Refinery SiteD.B Gent, A.M. Friona, J. Wang, G. Grant, S. O'Hara, M.T. Kuhn, P.M. Horner, B. Bouwhuis, S. Pearson, and J. PawloskiPlatformView
No Further Action: A Case Study on High Resolution Site Characterization and Bioremediation in a Fractured Bedrock SettingD. Guilfoil, N. Thacker, and R. BoylePlatformView
Field-Scale Evaluation of Biosparging to Mitigate Long-Term Dissolution and Mass Discharge of Contaminants from Coal Tar and CreosoteR.K. Sillan and R.M. KeyserPlatformView
Evaluation of Analytical Methodologies to Differentiate Biogenic Organic Carbon (BOCs) from Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHCs) in Tropical Rainforest Organic SoilsF. Kelly-Hooper, J. Bishop, J. Coffey, and V. UcarPlatformView
Ecological Guild of Beneficial Bacteria Associated with Agricultural Soil Polluted by Spent Automobile Engine OilM. Bello-Akinosho, R. Makofane, R. Adeleke, and M. ThantshaPosterView 
Successful On-Site Treatability Study Evaluating Feasibility of Biostimulation to Enhance Microbial Degradation of 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene under Anaerobic ConditionsK.C. Armstrong and C.L. CasonPosterView
Integrating Remedial Infrastructure into a Retail Petroleum Facility Upgrade: Lessons Learned in Long-Term Contaminated Site ManagementA. Madsen and R. PetersPosterView