Addressing Challenging Site Conditions

E5. Large, Dilute and Commingled Plume Case Studies

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Remediation of a 3-Mile Hexavalent Chromium Plume in Hinkley, CaliforniaI. Baker, B. Brunswick, and M. GentilePlatformViewView
San Fernando Valley Superfund Site: Case Study of a Regional Plume in Los Angeles County, CaliforniaN. Clite and K. ManheimerPlatformViewView
Evaluation and Remediation of a Large Commingled Dilute VOC Plume in Western Ohio: A Case StudyC.A. Cox PlatformView 
Supplemental Investigation of Dilute and Diffuse Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater: An Innovative Screening ApproachN. Rohrbach, N. Payton, C. Hong, B. Zavala, K. Lynch, L. Linde, R. Moore, and J. SohlPlatformView 
Unmixing Dual Aquifer Commingled Plumes with a Bifurcated Tail and Two Distal Discharge PointsB. Bond, K. Kelly, J. Breiner, and M. MorrisPlatformView 
Case Study of the Biotreatment of a Dilute Chlorinated Solvent Plume in an Acidic Aerobic AquiferM. Alexander and A. MotleyPosterView 
Technology Coupling for a Large TCE Plume Using a Subgrade Biogeochemical Reactor, Enhanced Phytoremediation, Biobarriers, and Enhanced AttenuationD. Berwick, J. Gamlin, G. Anderson, and L. DukePosterView 
Pump-and-Treat System at a Large Dilute Plume: Opportunities and Challenges for Drinking Water End UseJ. Chambon, K. Craig, B. Petty, and J. NymanPosterView 
Enhanced Anaerobic Biodegradation of Trichloroethene and Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine in a Commingled Source Area Using Permeable Reactive Barriers and Groundwater RecirculationS. Eichelberger and C. CranePosterView 
Stringfellow Superfund Site: Trichloroethene RevisitedJ.M. Finegan and L.V. SimmonsPosterView 
Integrated In-Well Air Stripping and In Situ Chemical Oxidation to Remediate a Large Dilute VOC Plume in a Deep AquiferD. Fisher, D. Smallbeck, N. Chrisman, and S. PearsonPosterView 
Evaluation of a Sustainable and Passive Approach to Treat Large, Dilute Chlorinated VOC Groundwater PlumesP.B. Hatzinger, D.R. Lippincott, G.M. Lavorgna, R. Rezes, P.G. Koster van Groos, and J.F. BegleyPosterView 
Optimizing Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation of Commingled Chlorinated Ethanes and Ethenes at Two Groundwater Remediation SitesL. Hellerich, T. Kalinowski, P. Gratton, F. Barajas, K. Ryan, C. Shuman, and S. SharmaPosterView 
Procedural Strategy for Management and Oversight of Commingled Plumes: A Regulatory PerspectiveA. KuochPosterView 
Case Study: Biodegradation Potential Assessment at a Site Contaminated by a Chlorobenzene, BTEX, and PharmaceuticalsO. Lhotsky and T. CajthamlPosterView 
Multiple Remediation Technologies and an Updated Conceptual Site Model to Treat a Large cVOC PlumeR.E. Mayer, J. Koelsch, K. Chambers, and C. LutzPosterView 
Site Characterization in Fractured Bedrock for Source Identification and Commingled Plume EvaluationE. Palko and J. HochreiterPosterView 
Untangling a Commingled Plume: A Case Study of Overcoming Challenging Site ConditionsJ. Brisman, C. Thomas, T. Geiger, and C. ElderPosterView 
Simultaneous Degradation of Commingled Contaminants by a Microbially-Driven Fenton Reaction Operated in Fed-Batch and Flow-Through Reactor ConfigurationsY. Toporek, N. Xie, R. Sekar, M. Taillefert, and T.J. DiChristinaPosterViewView
In Situ Chemical Reduction of Chlorinated Ethenes and its Effect on a Commingled Molybdenum PlumeG. Van den Daele, R. Francioso, M. Perlmutter, B. Schroth, J. Day, and T. KeijzerPosterView