Addressing Challenging Site Conditions

E8. Surface Water/Groundwater Interactions

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Contaminant Mass Discharge in an Aquifer Influenced by an EstuaryP.C. Negrao, R.W. Cleary, and S. PereiraPlatformView 
New Approaches for Direct Measurement of Contaminated Groundwater Discharge to Receiving Surface WaterF. Cosme, A. Holloway, K. Ye, K. De Greene, S. Lamontagne, J. Stening, J. Tyler, B. Dietman, and S. BrouyerePlatformViewView
Improving Dissolved Organic Chemical Concentration Measurements at Groundwater/Surface-Water Interfaces Containing NAPLM.J. Gefell, D. Vlassopoulos, M. Kanematsu, and D. LipsonPlatformViewView
Numerical Modeling Simulation of the Impact of Source Controls on Site Recovery in Dead-End Tidal WaterbodiesS. Gbondo-Tugbawa, Y. Zou, S. McDonald, C. Prabhu, K. Takagi, T. Hasegawa, N. Kim, S.C. Ertman, R. Weissbard, and D. MarulandaPlatformViewView
Keeping the Balance: Understanding and Protecting Baseflow in a Brook Adjacent to a Pump-and-Treat RemedyM.A. Apfelbaum, C.M. Rockwell, B.L. Gregory, and P.E. NangeroniPosterView 
Fluorescent Dyes Used for Characterization of the Interaction and Mixing between Groundwater Plumes and Surface WaterG. Lilbaek, A.G. Christensen, B.A. Hunner, A. Storgaard, N. Larsson, F. Nilsson, U. Winnberg, K. Forsberg, and T. AleyPosterView 
Hydraulic Barrier and Physical Barrier Construction for River ProtectionR.O. Coelho and V.V. SewaybrickerPosterView 
Using Two Mass Flux Methods to Evaluate Areas of TCE Discharge to a CreekD. Taege, P. Roelen, and J. NintemanPosterViewView
Impact of Land Development on the Stability of a TCE PlumeD. Taege and P. RoelenPosterViewView