Assessing Remediation Effectiveness

D2. Big Data, Data Mining, and Portfolio Optimization

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Combining ERH and TCH for More Effective Remediation: Don't Restrict Your ROD or RFP to a Single Heating TechnologyG. Heron, J. Galligan, M. Dodson, and R. FlatleyPlatformViewView
A Dirty Secret: Duplicate Variability in Summa Canister Samples for Vapor Intrusion InvestigationsT. McHugh, C. Villarreal, S. Rauch, and L. BeckleyPlatformViewView
Applications of R Software and Machine Learning to Groundwater DataD. Bytautas, T. Kalinowski, T. Abdul-Matin, M. Panciera, and L. HellerichPlatformView 
Over Twenty Years of 1,4-Dioxane Data at Multiple Sites: What Really Happens Long Term?B. DahlgrenPlatformViewView
Tracking Cleanup of Chlorinated Solvents: Development of Benchmark Decay RatesK.L. Walker, T.M. McGuire, D.T. Adamson, and C.J. NewellPlatformViewView
Two "Flavors" of Big Data Studies in the Remediation Field: Methods and Example ApplicationsP. Kulkarni, C. Newell, T. McGuire, T. McHugh, J. McDade, and D. AdamsonPosterView 
EnviMetric: Findings from a Machine Learning Approach to Planning Site CharacterizationJ. Dalton and A. HarringtonPosterView