Emerging Contaminants

A1. Insensitive Munitions

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Insensitive Munitions are Different: Environmental Management and Cost Implications of IM Articles J.L. Johnson, L. Gurtowski, D. Felt, and S. LarsonPlatformView
Cometabolic Degradation of Insensitive Munitions Constituents during Nitrification J.L. JohnsonPlatformView
Adsorption of Munitions Constituents via Cellulose, Cellulose Triacetate, Chitin, and ChitosanL. Gurtowski, M.K. Shukla and C.S. GriggsPlatformView
Incorporating Transformation Products into Models of the Environmental Fate of Insensitive Munition ConstituentsP.G. Tratnyek, T.L. Torralba-Sanchez, E.J. Bylaska, J. Hawari, and B.E. JohnsonPlatformView 
Fenton Oxidation of Constituents with Insensitive Munitions Formulation IMX-101L.A. Gurtowski, J. Johnson, D. Felt, and S. LarsonPosterView 
1,3-Dinitrobenzene Reductive Degradation by Alkaline Ascorbic Acid: Reaction Mechanisms, Degradation Pathways, and Reagent OptimizationC. Ciou and C. LiangPosterView