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A10. Pump and Treat for PFAS Remediation

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A Pilot-Scale GAC Filtration Study to Assess Breakthroughs of PFAAs and PrecursorsD. Chiang, A.E. Robel, J. Field, Q. Huang, A. Bodour, and C. VarleyPlatformView 
An Enhanced Contact Electrical Discharge Plasma Reactor: An Effective Technology to Degrade Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)S. Mededovic Thagard, T. Holsen, S. Richardson, P. Kulkarni, C. Newell, M. Nixon, A. Bodour, and C. VarleyPlatformView 
Removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances with Nanofiltration Membranes in Laboratory and Site StudiesC. Liu, J. Brown, R. Tenorio, C. Higgins, C. Bellona, and T. StrathmannPlatformView 
Accelerated Deployment and Startup of Ion Exchange Groundwater Treatment System Addresses PFAS Contamination at Australian Air BaseS. Woodard and V. PearcePlatformViewView
PFAS and 1,4-Dioxane Treatment for Drinking Water System OptimizationS. Abrams, L. Zeng, N. Najib, A. Ciblak, C. Barnes, and R. AndersenPosterView 
Water Treatment System Modification for PFCs at Mather AFB D.A. Cacciatore, M. Thomas, D. Hogshead, D. Self, and M. EnloePosterViewView
Design and Implementation of a Groundwater Remediation System for PFAS Compounds through Modification of Existing Remedial InfrastructureM. Germon and W. CrowPosterView 
Practical Aspects of Implementing a 5-MGD Treatment System for Removal of PFOA and PFOS from a Public Drinking Water SupplyP. Hare, G. Rest, and N. VenkatesanPosterView 
Case Study: Lessons Learned on Perfluorinated Compounds and Groundwater Issues during ConstructionS.R. Nelson, C. Stefanelli, K. Carpenter, and M. Montemayor-RapierPosterViewView
Repurpose and Optimization of an Existing Groundwater Pump and Treat System for Removal of Perflouroalkyl SubstancesB.L. Porter, M.G. Quinlan, D. Crispo, M.E. Fuller, P.K. Van Groos, and P. ForbesPosterView 
Fate and Transport of PFAS in a Multi-Stage Groundwater Treatment Plant J.R. Stening and S. HuoPosterViewView
Challenges, Optimization, and Lessons Learned Treating PFASs in Groundwater Using Granular Activated Carbon and Synthetic MediaD. Woodward, K. Falk, N. Hagelin, C. Theriault, and B. MalykPosterView