Emerging Contaminants

A7. PFAS Risk Assessment and Toxicity

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The Science behind the PFAS Drinking Water Health Advisory and How It Affects Risk Management Decision MakingD. Marquez and B. HoyePlatformViewView
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): Addressing Limited Toxicity Data in Site CharacterizationL. HallPlatformViewView
What Are Key Considerations for an Approach to Human Health Intake Assessment for PFAS?A. Lee and M. ArcherPlatformView 
Risk Communication in Emerging Contaminants: NGWA PFAS GuidanceM.A. Harclerode, E. Emmett, and L. HallPlatformViewView
PFAS and Risk Assessment: Overview of the State of the Practice S. Thomas and M. FrenchmeyerPlatformViewView
Estimating Safe Level of PFOA/PFOS in Human Blood Using Clinical Margins of Safety S.R. Clough and J. PetersPosterView 
Evolution of PFAS in Australia: Investigation, Risk Perception, Communication, and Management R. EdwardsPosterView 
PFAS Uptake into Biota, and Detailed Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment: An Australian Defence Base Case StudyB. Houghton, K. Hanson, and K. RichardsonPosterViewView
Guidance on Managing PFAS Contamination in AustraliaJ.N. Jit, B.P. Kennedy, and R. NaiduPosterViewView
Empirical Bioaccumulation Factors for PFAS: Establishing Trends for Guiding Site AssessmentsV. LazenbyPosterView 
Risk-Based Assessment, Management and Remediation of PFAS-Contaminated Soil and GroundwaterP. Nadebaum, T. Hammond, E. Friebel, J. Woodworth, J. Jit, and B. KennedyPosterView