Fractured Rock

E1. Fractured Rock Site Characterization

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State of the Practice in Geophysical Site Characterization and MonitoringF.D. Day-Lewis, L.D. Slater, and T.C. JohnsonPlatformView 
Lessons Learned from High-Resolution Site Characterization of Many Dual-Porosity Fractured Rock SitesS. Pitkin PlatformView 
Multi-Method High-Resolution Characterization of Contaminant Distributions in Sedimentary versus Igneous Rock SettingsS. Chapman, B. Parker, S. Pitkin, T. Imbrigiotta, D. Goode, and L. DavidssonPlatformView 
Selection, Design, and Construction of a Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring SystemJ.N. DoughertyPlatformViewView
A Field Method to Quantify Chlorinated Solvent Diffusion, Retardation, and Degradation Coefficients in Fractured Sedimentary RockR.M. Allen-King, R. Kiekhaefer, and J. BrotschPlatformView 
Characterization of Rock Matrix Properties Controlling Contaminant Storage in Fractured Rock Using Novel Geophysical TechnologiesL.D. Slater, J. Robinson, K. Keating, B. Parker, S. Falzone, C. Rose, S. Chapman, C. Johnson, and F.D. Day-Lewis PlatformView 
Hydraulic Tomography: 3-D Hydraulic Conductivity and Fracture Network Connectivity in a Contaminated Mudstone Aquifer, Newark Basin, New JerseyW. Barrash, C. Tiedeman, C. Thrash, J. Patterson, and C. Johnson ViewView
Conceptual Site Model Development for Migration of MGP Tar and Related Groundwater Impacts in a Highly Deformed Fractured Rock UnitR. O'Neill, J. Marolda, and S. StuckerPlatformViewView
TCE Source Area Investigation in Fractured Bedrock Using Phytoscreening and Membrane Interface Probe Sampling at a Former LandfillK. Fox, F. Barranco, J. Drummond, B. Rundell, and R. BowerPlatformViewView
Characterization of Vertical Migration of PCE in a Granitic Aquifer Using Specialty Surface GeophysicsT. Halihan and S. McDonaldPosterViewView
Airborne Geophysical Program to Evaluate the Tertiary Ogallala and White River Groups Hydrostratigraphy, Laramie County, WyomingP.G. Ivancie and J. AbrahamPosterView 
A New Method for Efficient High-Resolution Mapping of DNAPL and Dissolved Phase Contamination in Fractured BedrockC. Keller, M. Higgins, B. Parker, S. Chapman, and S. PitkinPosterViewView