Fractured Rock

E3. Karst Aquifer Case Studies

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Successful Bioaugmentation for DNAPL Carbon Tetrachloride in a Karst AquiferM.F. deFlaun, C.R. Elder, and R. GrossPlatformViewView
The Detection of Deep Karst Features Using New Geophysical Technique "MERIT"D. Harro and H. KifluPlatformViewView
Long Distance Transport of TCE Vapors in a Cavernous Karst AreaT. Aley, N. Keith, and S. BeemanPlatformView 
Thermal Remediation of Karst Limestone at Redstone Arsenal, AlabamaC. Crownover, L. Soos, C. Thomas, and S. WilsonPlatformViewView
Observations following 10 Years of Bioreactor Operations in a South-Central Texas Fractured Bedrock AquiferB. Dietert, J. MacQueen, K. Rice, J. Shirley, and G. LyssyPosterViewView
Karstic Terrain Hydrogeologic Characteristics Challenges to Protective Remedy Selection and ImplementationD. Heidlauf, B. Kennington, S. Popelar, and A. DeDolphPosterView 
Multiple Lines-of-Evidence Approach for Optimizing Operation of a TCE Remedial System in a Karstic AquiferB. Kennington, A. DeDolph, and S. TarmannPosterView 
Lesson Learned from Deep Soil Gas Profiles in a Fractured Aquifer at an Ammunition Factory in IsraelG. Reshef and N.Z. DvoryPosterView 
Characterization of Fate and Transport Processes and Contaminant Distribution in Karst Groundwater SystemsN.I. Torres, J. Toro, E. Rodriguez-Medina, and I.Y. PadilllaPosterView 
Remediation of a Large Gasoline Spill in Bermuda's Karst TerraneK.A. White, R. Bastida, and J. PerellaPosterView