Green and Sustainable Remediation

D8. GSR Best Practices and Case Studies

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Green and Sustainable Remediation of Contaminated Land in China: Perception, Progress, and Path ForwardD. Hou and Y. SongPlatformView 
ASTM E2893-16 Greener Cleanup Self-Declaration at Marine Corps Base Camp LejeuneM. Fulkerson, B. Collins, P. Favara, M. Louth, D. Cleland, and C. DelaneyPlatformViewView
Thermal In Situ Sustainable Remediation (TISR™): Linking Renewable Energy to Sustainable Site RestorationD.S. Randhawa, C. Flanders, P.W. Visser, and D. RossoPlatformViewView
Working on the Railroad: Implementation of Sustainable Remediation at a Programmatic LevelG. Wolf and S. PittengerPlatformViewView
Performance, Cost, and Emissions Optimization Using Solar-Powered ISB SystemM.G. Sweetenham, F.J. Krembs, S. Lombardo, G. Risse, and G. MathesPlatformView 
Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Designing Optimized Remediation Systems Using Solar Power at Travis Air Force BaseD. Berwick, L. Duke, and G. AndersonPosterView 
Management of Wood from Site Clearing and Storm DebrisD. Cutt, D. Carpenter, K. Giacalone, T. Hwilka, J. McKernan, K. Litzenberger, C. Pachon, S. Rock, D. Salkie, S. Vaughn, and K. WeitzPosterView 
Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Thermal Remediation SystemsJ. Dinham, J. Baldock, J. Brett, S. Tillotson, and J. DablowPosterView 
Reduced Carbon Inputs for an Innovative Large-Scale Sub-Slab Depressurization System Using a Repurposed HVAC Distribution SystemK. Eisen, A. Zack, N. Czoschke, and B. SchwiePosterView 
Setting Your Project Up for Successful GSR OutcomesP.J. Favara and K. BrickmanPosterView 
Accelerating Cleanup, Reducing Costs, and Increasing Sustainability at Travis Air Force BaseJ. Gamlin, P. Favara, D. Berwick, L. Duke, and G. AndersonPosterView 
Wind-Driven Air Sparge System for Passive Remediation of Hydrocarbons in GroundwaterB. McAlexander, M. Olson, J. Pruis, T. Moloney, M. Lyverse, and J. WongPosterView 
Green/Sustainable Petroleum Management: Building a Dataset around an Intuitive ConnectionA. Pennington, J. Gattemby, R. Ahlers, C. Flanders, D. Randhawa, M. Chalfant, and S. DunnPosterView