Green and Sustainable Remediation

D9. GSR Metrics and Resiliency Evaluations

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Sustainable Remediation of Polluted Agricultural Land in ChinaD. O'Connor and D. HouPlatformViewView
Incorporating Climate Change into Long-Term Remedies and Operation and Maintenance PlansL.J. Pype and M.A. HarclerodePlatformViewView
Transforming Environmental Liabilities into Assets: A Brazil-Based Case StudyP. Barreto, J. Henderson, P. Carvalho, R. Silva, C. Martins, O. Maurer, and P. FavaraPlatformView 
From Non-Linear Geostatistics to Scraper Grading: How to Minimize Excavation Costs for Site Redevelopment While Minimizing Greenhouse Impact of Remedial OperationsF. Achour and F. RazmdjooPosterView 
Can Thermal Remediation Be Sustainable? Use of Modelling to Optimize DesignJ. Dinham, J. Baldock, and J. DablowPosterView 
Developing Optimized Remedies for Complex Sites: Technology Assignment Framework, Sustainability, and ResiliencyD. Janda, E. Blischke, M. Harclerode, T. Macbeth, and M. FattahipourPosterView 
Feasibility of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offsets at Petroleum Release SitesB. McAlexanderPosterView 
Sustainable Remediation of Solid Waste: How to Nip It in the BUDS. Ng and K. McCartyPosterView 
State of the Practice of Sea Level Rise and Climate Change as Related to Site RemediationR. WicePosterView