Petroleum and Heavy Hydrocarbon Site Strategies

F1. Natural Source Zone Depletion

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NSZD State of the PracticeT. SalePlatformViewView
Comparing Natural Source Zone Depletion in the Vadose and Saturated Zones at a Fuel Release SiteD. Mackay, C. Paradis, R. Schmidt, H. Zhang, T. Buscheck, and N. SihotaPlatformView 
Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) Investigation at a Paved Former Service Station Site in SpainR.E. Sweeney, G.T. Ririe, A. Sayas, M. Marti, B. Beuthe, and L. BarrealesPlatformViewView
Hydrologic Controls on Losses of Individual Components of Crude OilB.A. Bekins, W.N. Herkelrath, M.J. Baedecker, R.P. Eganhouse, I.M. Cozzarelli, and G.-H.C. NgPlatformViewView
Integrating Theory and Practice to Better Understand and Apply NSZD at Field SitesS. Garg, C.J. Newell, P.R. Kulkarni, and D.C. KingPlatformView 
Natural Source Zone Depletion of Waste Oil Residuals and Other Constituents at a Superfund Mega SiteP.P. Brussock, H. Martin, T.B. Loper, J.R. Loper, and D.W. TomlinsonPlatformViewView
Multi-Year Natural Source Zone Depletion Measurements at a Large Industrial SiteN. Sihota, B. McAlexander, M. Lyverse, and K.U. MayerPlatformView 
New Developments in Thermal Monitoring Methods for Continuous NSZD Measurement: Application at an LNAPL SiteC.J. Newell, P.R. Kulkarni, D.C. King, K.L. Walker, G.P. Marquardt, T. Sale, K.K. Askarani, H. Hopkins, M.W. Malander, L. Smalley, and J.H. HiginbothamPlatformViewView
Temperature Effects on Petroleum NSZD Processes: Lessons from Coupled Heat Transfer and Heat Generation ModelingJ. Zimbron, J. DiMarzio, and G. SilcoPlatformView 
Using Dynamic Flux Chambers to Estimate the Natural Attenuation Rates in the Subsurface at Contaminated SitesR. Baciocchi, I. Verginelli, and R. PecoraroPosterView 
Estimates of Hydrocarbon NAPL Depletion from Compositional Change over TimeG.E. DeVaull and I. RhodesPosterView 
A Comprehensive Mass Balance Approach to Quantify Subsurface Natural Losses and Optimize Remediation System OperationJ. Fitzgibbons and T. PalaiaPosterView 
Development of a Protocol for Carbon Dioxide Efflux Measurements Using Dynamic Closed Chamber for NSZD EstimatesP. Jourabchi, A. Wozney, I. Hers, and H. HopkinsPosterViewView
Natural Source Zone Depletion Rates Based on Analysis of Empirical Soil-Gas DataM. LahvisPosterView 
Relationship between NSZD and Ambient Temperature, Precipitation, and Groundwater Elevation at a Former Petroleum RefineryB. McAlexander and N. SihotaPosterView 
The Potential for Natural Source Zone Depletion of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Tropical EnvironmentsT. Simpkin, T. Palaia, M. Gatan, A. Lee, and J. ZimbronPosterView 
Assessing NSZD for Creosote DNAPLsJ. Smith, B. Koons, R. Holm, R. Sillan, S. Gaito, and G. JeffriesPosterView