Petroleum and Heavy Hydrocarbon Site Strategies

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NAPL Migration and Plume Geometry at Former Manufactured Gas Plant Sites Controlled by the Depositional Environment of Site StratigraphyC.P. Plank, G. Mclinn, and R. CramerPlatformViewView
Selection of In Situ Stabilization Target Areas for NAPL-Impacted Sediment RemediationJ. Gentry, A.J. Salter-Blanc, J. Hess, and C.D. TsiamisPlatformViewView
Thermal Remediation of Creosote-Impacted Sand: Treatability Testing during Heating and Post-Heating DissolutionB.N. Hicknell, K.G. Mumford, and B.H. KueperPlatformView 
In Situ Gasworks Remediation: Challenges and InnovationsW. Caldicott, P. Kakarla, M. Temple, T. Eilber, B. Kay, and T. O'CallaghanPlatformViewView
Full-Scale Treatment of Coal Tar Lagoons with In Situ Smoldering: Successful Field Stories and Lessons LearnedJ. Vidumsky, M. McMaster, L. Jo, M. Auger, L. de Vlaming, D. Liefl, and A. SimsPlatformView 
Field-Scale Evaluation of Aerobic Bio-Oxidation to Deplete Groundwater Contaminants from Coal Tar and CreosoteR.K. SillanPlatformViewView
In Situ Solidification in Glacial Till StratigraphyE. Beckwith and M. OstrowskiPosterView 
Multiple In Situ Technology Pilot Tests for Gas Work DNAPL and LNAPL Groundwater ContaminationJ. Bergman, H. Nord, and M. SundestenPosterView 
ISS Treatability Study on MGP Pond SludgeT.A. JordanPosterView 
High-Resolution Mobile NAPL Interval Identification and Transmissivity Calculations for DNAPLL. Reyenga, J.M. Hawthorne, and D. TomlinsonPosterViewView
Treatment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Groundwater from a Former MGP Site to the Parts per Trillion Level for Discharge into Lake SuperiorM.R. Schowengerdt, R. Onderko, B. Symons, B. Hanks, and B. BellPosterView 
Coal Tar Recovery from Former Manufactured Gas Plant Sites Using Single-Phase MicroemulsionP. Sharma, S.S. Palayangoda, and K. KostarelosPosterView 
Enhancing the EPRI Generic Work Plan to Assess Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Mobility in the Subsurface at Manufactured Gas Plant SitesD.W. Tomlinson, J.M. Hawthorne, L.A. Reyenga, G.R. Brubaker, J.A. Clock, and D.V. NaklesPosterViewView