Remediation Technologies

B5. Zero Valent Iron Applications

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Optimizing ZVI Formulations for the Degradation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons: Effects of Composition and Particle SizeJ. Freim and J. HarveyPlatformViewView
Denmark's First Full-Scale Microscale Zero Valent Iron PRB Emplaced by Direct Push InjectionT.H. Jorgensen, L. Nissen, A. Przepiora, N.D. Durant, and O. MikkelsenPlatformViewView
Controlled Sulfidation to Optimize the Remediation Performance of Zero-Valent Iron and Related MaterialsD. Fan, Y. Lan, P.G. Tratnyek, R.L. Johnson, A. Nunez Garcia, D.M. O'Carroll, J. Filip, and A. AgrawalPlatformView 
Groundwater Restoration and Long-Term Stewardship at a Former SmelterG. Leone, S. Brown, M.B. Hay, J. Horst, and R. PugaPlatformViewView
Advancements to the EZVI Technology: Optimization of Biotic and Abiotic Processes and Improved Implementability for In Situ DNAPL DestructionG. Booth, J. Mueller, C. Yestrebsky, N. Lapeyrouse, C. Clausen, and M. ScalziPosterView 
Tetrachloroethylene Groundwater Remediation in a Dolomitic Limestone Aquifer Using Injectable Zero Valent IronV.L. Wilson and T.H. DeWittPosterViewView
Design, Installation and Performance Monitoring of Three ZVI PRBsT. Kinney, M. Coram, and S. DorePosterView 
eZVI: The Benefits of Abiotic and Anaerobic RemediationP. Randall and S. ChenPosterView 
Effect of Dissolved Organic Carbon on Performance of ZVI-Based RemediationJ. Roberts, D. Schnell, and A. PrzepioraPosterView 
Abiotic Reduction of Chloropicrin and Carbon Tetrachloride in Site Soil and GroundwaterC.G. Schreier and G. TellegenPosterView 
nZVI Direct-Push Application as an In Situ Treatment of CHC: Results of Long-Term Monitoring Using Advanced Technology for Zonal Groundwater SamplingV. Stejskal, P. Kvapil, J. Slunsky, and J. BraunPosterView 
Optimization and Performance of ZVI Amendments for In Situ Chemical and Biological Reduction: Less is MoreG.M. Birk and D.F. AldenPosterView 
Full-Scale Application of Colloidal ZVI and EVO via Liquid-Phase Injection for Treatment of Lesser Chlorinated Ethenes to Accelerate Site ClosureD. Williamson, B. Sharma, and W. Elliott PosterView 
Influence of Metal Impurities in ZVI Matrix on Reactions with Chlorinated EthenesS. Islam, L. Somasundaram, W.L. Yan, and Y.L. HanPosterView 
Pilot Testing of In Situ Chemical Reduction-Enhanced Bioremediation at a Former Manufacturing Plant in GermanyM. Zhang, P.L. Brookner, N.D. Durant, S. Stiasny, and T.R. EtterPosterView