Remediation Technologies

B6. In Situ Chemical Reduction

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Abiotic Degradation of Chlorinated Ethenes by Iron Minerals: Over Two Decades NowM.M. Scherer, D.E. Latta, T. Robinson, A.L. Neumann, and J. EntwistlePlatformView 
Evaluation of Iron and Sulfur Supplements to Promote Reactive Mineral Formation in In Situ Reactive ZonesJ. Ford, J. McDonough, M. McCaughey, R. Oesterreich, and J. Martin TiltonPlatformViewView
Oxidation of Chemically-Reduced Aquifer Sediments as Characterized by Abiotic Reactivity and Induced PolarizationJ.E. Szecsody, T.C. Johnson, P. Tratnyek, E. Placencia-Gomez, M. Bradley, M.J. Truex, C.T. Resch, and B.N. GartmanPlatformViewView
Using Molecular Techniques to Characterize Sites Undergoing ISCR: A Site Comparison StudyD. Taggart, M. Burns, and S. RosolinaPlatformViewView
ISCR-Based Remediation of Herbicide/Pesticide-Impacted Soils in Canada, China, Colombia, Sweden, and the United States: 22 Years of Success and SurprisesA.G. Seech and J.T. SlaterPlatformView 
Limitations and Lessons Learned from Applying In Situ Chemical Reduction to Treat VOCs and Metals in a Geochemically Complex AquiferT.J. Patterson, R. Srirangam, and L.M. BrauschPlatformViewView
Post-Remedy Performance Results Comparing Soil Blending versus Direct Injection ISCR Source Area Treatment for 1,1,2-TCAT. AdamsPosterViewView
Remediation for CVOCs by In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) in Groundwater (Brazil Site)S.S. Aluani, M.C.F. Spilborghs, F.B. Tomiatti, E. Pujol, and N.C. NascimentoPosterView 
Comparison of Reductive Transformations of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons by Chemically-Reduced versus Bio-Reduced Hydrous Ferric OxideJ. Das and A. AgrawalPosterView 
Performance of a Large-Scale Reductant Amended Backfill for Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium-Impacted GroundwaterL. Hellerich, S. Sharma, S. Ravi, S. Mikaelian, and M. TerrilPosterView 
Feasibility Assessment of Reducing Soil for Degrading TrichloroethyleneY. Hou and C. LiangPosterView 
Large-Scale Remediation of TCE Using Abiotic Degradation with ZVI and Enhanced Biological DegradationM. Wichman, B. Wight, R. Mowan, E. Moskal, and R. KelleyPosterView 
Mechanochemical Destruction of DDTs with Fe-Zn Bimetal in a High-Energy Planetary Ball MillH. Sui, Y.Z. Rong, J. Song, and D.G. ZhangPosterView 
Reductive Degradation of Lindane by Tea Extracts in Aqueous Phase C.-W. Wang and C. LiangPosterView 
Use of In Situ Sensors and Injection Measurements to Evaluate Electron Donor Distribution in Low-Permeability Aquifer at Minimal CostK. Wilhelm, R. Moore, and O. MillerPosterViewView