Remediation Technologies

B9. In Situ Chemical Oxidation

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PCB Remediation Using an Innovative ISCO Approach: Bench and Pilot Study ResultsD.R. Gray and F. BarajasPlatformView 
Innovative Carbohydrate (CH) Activation of Persulfate: Comparative Evaluation of Multiple Food-Grade CH ActivatorsP. Kakarla, Y. Chin, and W. CaldicottPlatformView 
Successful Treatment of 1,4-Dioxane with In Situ OzoneF.J. Krembs, G.E. Mathes, J. Pruis, M.R. Olson, and K. PowerPlatformViewView
Passive Sustained-Release ISCO Technology Achieves Remedial Site ClosureP.J. Dugan and G. WalsomPlatformViewView
Dose-Response Curves Compare the Effectiveness of Combined Cement-Persulfate Treatment with Standalone ISS and ISCO in Ten Different SoilsD.P. Cassidy and V.J. SrivastavaPlatformView 
Injection of Potassium Persulfate via Hydraulic Fracturing to Address a Recalcitrant Fuel-Related and Chlorinated VOC PlumeM. Perlmutter and A. ForsbergPlatformViewView
Oxidation of Bisphenol A by Activated Persulfate Using Iron(II) Entrapped Chitosan/Alginate SubstrateY.G. Kang, M. Rayaroth, E. Escobedo, S.-H. Kang, and Y.-S. ChangPosterView 
Quantifying the Thermal Desorption Effect Resulting from the Exothermic Fenton's ReactionG. Cronk and G. SounheinPosterView 
Reconsidering ISCO for Treating Low Contaminant ConcentrationsP.M. Dombrowski, P. Kakarla, and T. EilberPosterView 
Chemical Oxidation Treatment of Transformer Oils that Contain Antioxidant Di-tert-butyl-para-cresol (DBPC)C. Bucior, S. Dore, D. Pope, R. Thomas, A. Weston, and R. FilionPosterViewView
ISCO Eliminates NAPL and Site Disruptions to Expedite Site ClosureK.D. Dyson and B. QuannPosterView 
Effectiveness of In Situ Chemical Oxidation at an LNAPL Solvent Site in New JerseyG.A. Angyal, J.M. Freeman, J.A. Surowiecki, K. Klink, and R. Connell PosterView 
Oxidation of PAHs and their Byproducts (Polar PACs) in the Saturated Zone of DNAPL-Contaminated SubsoilsC. Johansson, A. Joubert, P. Faure, C. Biache, P. Bataillard, S. Colombano, C. Lorgeoux, and T. PigotPosterView 
Targeted Application of Conventional and Slow-Release ISCO to Eliminate Residual TCE in Groundwater at the Aquifer-Confining Unit BoundaryJ.E. Landmeyer, P.T. Harte, R.W. Tollett, J. Schoolfield, and M.A. SingeltaryPosterView 
Pilot Study for In Situ Chemical Oxidation Using Potassium Permanganate for Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in GroundwaterA.J. Lizzi and P. ThimmappaPosterView 
Continuous Multistage Fenton's Degradation of OrganochloridesJ.C. Moretti, B.J. Moretti, M. Moretti, and R. PanzettiPosterViewView
Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation Pilot Test, Guarulhos, BrazilB. Gil, W.J. Hague, K. Morris, R.D. Mutch, T. Pac, and M. SingerPosterView 
Combined Remedy Using In Situ Chemical Oxidation at a Former Wood Treating Site, United KingdomJ. Baldock, J. Dinham, D. Gallagher, K. Johnson, G. Johnstone, and T. PacPosterView