Remediation Technology Development

C1. Electroenhanced Technologies


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Electrokinetically-Based Remediation of Chlorinated Ethenes in Low Permeable SoilsL.M. Ottosen, P.E. Jensen, G.M. Kirkelund, B.H. Hyldegaard, L. Nedergaard, N. Tuxen, I. Damgaard, H. Kerrn-Jespersen, and T.H. LarsenPlatformViewView
From Laboratory to Full-Scale Implementation: Electrokinetically-Enhanced Delivery of Amendments for In Situ RemediationD.B. Gent, J. Wang, E. Cox, D. Reynolds, and C. RiisPlatformView 
Next Generation of Nanoremediation: nZVI Application Enhanced by DC Electric FieldV. Stejskal, P. Kvapil, J. Nosek, M. Cernik, and J. HrabalPlatformViewView
Field Test of Electrokinetically-Delivered and Thermally-Activated Persulfate (EKTAP) for Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in ClayN.A. Head, J.I. Gerhard, A.I.A. Chowdhury, A.M. Inglis, A. Nunez Garcia, J. Hayman, J. Eimers, D. Reynolds, D. Hogberg, M. Auger, L. Austrins, A. Sidebottom, and D.M. O'CarrollPlatformViewView
The Influence of Electrokinetic Bioremediation on Subsurface Microbial Communities in Perchloroethylene-Contaminated SoilM.L. Altizer, A.G. Delgado, R. Krajmalnik-Brown, C. Torres, J. Wang, and E. CoxPosterView 
Anaerobic Degradation of Sulfolane Using Passive Anode-Cathode TechnologyA. Schryer, S.D. Siciliano, T. Carlson, T. Obal, and S.R. BurgePosterView 
Effect of Electron Acceptors on the Stimulation of Anaerobic Benzene Degradation Using Passive Anode-Cathode Technology (PACT)S. Chomyshen, K. Hyde, S.D. Siciliano, S.R. Burge, and K. BradshawPosterView 
Design and Assessment of Electrochemical Zones for Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Natural Groundwater Aquifer Settings B.H. Hyldegaard, E.B. Weeth, R. Jakobsen, N.D. Overheu, D.B. Gent, and L.M. OttosenPosterView 
Electrokinetically-Emplaced Amendments for Enhanced Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Clay: A Pilot Field TestA. Inglis, N. Head, A. Chowdhury, A. Nunez Garcia, J. Gerhard, J. Hayman, J. Eimers, D. Reynolds, D. Hogberg, M. Auger, L. Austrins, A. Sidebottom, E. Edwards, L. Lomheim, K. Weber, S. Wallace, and D. O'CarrolPosterViewView
Remediation of a Vinyl Chloride Dissolved Phase Plume through the Combination of Elektrokinesis and In Situ Chemical Oxidation at the Santos Port Area, BrazilC. Rodrigues, L. Silveira, G. Setti, T. Borba, Y. Lima, and A.P. QueirozPosterView