Remediation Technology Development

C6. Injectable Activated Carbon Amendments

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Opportunities and Limitations of DNAPL Treatment via Injectable ZVI/Carbon: Results of Bench- and Field-Scale TestsJ. Moreskog, M. Ohr, S. Lloyd, and S. NolandPlatformViewView
In Situ Groundwater Remediation by Activated Carbon (AC)-Based Amendments at Several CERCLA and RCRA SitesD. FanPlatformViewView
A Combined Approach Using Colloidal Zero Valent Iron and Colloidal Activated CarbonK. Djernes Pappano and K.A. ThoresonPlatformView 
Performance of Injected Powdered and Liquid Activated Carbon at a Petroleum Hydrocarbon SiteR. McGregorPlatformViewView
Combining In Situ Sorption and Bioremediation for the Management of a Chlorinated Solvent Plume at Low ConcentrationM. Petrangeli Papini, F. Arjmand, P. Ciampi, C. Esposito, J. Birnstingl, M. Carboni, P. Goria, S. Rossetti, B. Matturro, L. Cesta Incani, and M. BacchiPlatformView 
Remediation of Volatile Organics in Groundwater Using In Situ Carbon (ISC) Injection Technologies: A Comparative AnalysisJ. Sheldon and G. HinshalwoodPlatformViewView
LNAPL Remediation Combining Mobile Dual-Phase Extraction with Concurrent Injection of a Carbon-Based AmendmentF.T. Barranco, J. Taylor, D. Hoyt, K. Bradley, and M. RoginskePosterView 
In Situ Remediation of Former Industrial Area (Redeveloped to New Housing Buildings) with Innovative Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination TechnologyG.G. CerianiPosterView 
Controlling Back-Diffusive Mass Loading at Three Midwest Sites with Glaciogenic Interbedded Geology Utilizing a Colloidal Liquid Activated CarbonK.M. Gaskill, D. Davis, and S. BarnesPosterView 
Rapid Site Closure of a Large Gas Plant Using In Situ Bioremediation Technology in Low-Permeability Soil and Fractured Bedrock T.A. HarpPosterView 
Site Goals Achieved in Two Months at a Santa Barbara Manufacturing Facility Using a Dispersive Colloidal Activated CarbonE. Haro and D. NunezPosterView