Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Communications

G7. Decision Analysis Tools for Environmental Restoration Applications

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Virtual Site Investigation: Using Perfect Information to Evaluate Strategies for Conceptual Site Model Development at DNAPL SitesK.G. Mumford, B.H. Kueper, S. Bryck, D.A. Reynolds, D.W. Major, S. Mancini, M.C. Kavanaugh, and P.K. KitanidisPlatformView 
A Stochastic Modeling Approach to Evaluate the Value of Additional Information for Site Characterization and RemediationJ.B.H. Rayner, C. Crea, D.A. Reynolds, M.C. Kavanaugh, P.K. Kitanidis, U. Kim, and J. ParkerPlatformView 
A Survey of Decision Support Tools for Comparing Cleanup Options and Increasing Decision-Making ConfidenceP. FavaraPlatformViewView
Cognitive Tool to Support Remediation Technology SelectionM. PaquetPlatformViewView
Design Optimization of Environmental Contamination Projects Using Massively Parallel Simulation and Optimization Solution MethodsL.M. DeschainePosterView 
Remediation of DNAPL-Impacted Sites Using Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation: Experience-Based Remediation Using Virtual Data SetB.H. Kueper, K.G. Mumford, S. Bryck, D.A. Reynolds, S. Mancini, D. Major, and M.C. KavanaughPosterView 
An Interactive Training System for Reduction in Cost and Complexity of Remediation and Long-Term Management of Contaminated SitesD. Reynolds, S. Mancini, J. Rosen, M. Kavanaugh, B. Kueper, K. Mumford, J. Kaupp, and S. BryckPosterView