Vapor Intrusion

G2. Vapor Intrusion Mitigation and Effectiveness

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Successful Rapid Response Mitigation of a High-Strength Vapor Plume underneath a Large, Active Navy BuildingM. Pound, L. Goode, N. Durant, P. Chang, and V. HosangadiPlatformViewView
Mitigation of PCE-Impacted Soil beneath Former Dry Cleaner: Full-Scale Design and Mitigation Based on Sub-Slab Vapor Mitigation Pilot Test DataR.J. Roth and A.J. SafulkoPlatformViewView
Automated Continuous Vapor Intrusion Monitoring and Response for Evaluating Mitigation and Remediation EffectivenessM. Kram, B. Hartman, and C. FrescuraPlatformViewView
Optimizing VI Mitigation Design and Performance: A Case StudyM. Radford, L. Lund, K. Hallberg. D. Cleland, and B. BeckPlatformViewView
Cyclical SVE for VI Mitigation of High-Strength Soil Gas VOCs at an Active Military Building, Naval Air Station North IslandV. Hosangadi, R. Mennis, P.L. Chang, and M. PoundPlatformViewView
From Vapor Intrusion to Mitigation: A Status Review of the Current PracticeM. Ambrusch, S. Ciambruschini, B. Blum, O. Uppal, N. Najib, A. Falabella, S. Abrams, T. Russo, and R. GauppPosterView 
Vertical Shaft Excavation to Remove Contaminated Soil with Passive Vent Tube Backfill CompletionF.W. Blickle and T. KinneyPosterViewView
In Flux: A Case Study of Transition from Active to Passive Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems for Vapor Intrusion SitesL. Campe, D. Collins, and P. NangeroniPosterView 
A Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Site's Follies and Lessons LearnedJ.R. Dickson and C.F. WinkeljohnPosterView 
Vapor Intrusion and Air Cleaners: A Review of Field Performance Data: Application Selection Methods and Research NeedsK.E. Hallberg, C. Lutes, R. Truesdale, K. Owen, and B. SchumacherPosterView 
Mitigation of Petroleum Vapor Intrusion Using Low-Flow Air InjectionP. Michalski and S. ThompsonPosterView 
Challenges in Design and Operation of a Sub-Slab Depressurization System at an Occupied, 150-Year Old Former Mill BuildingL.J. Campe, P. Nangeroni, R. McGrath, A. Roche, and B. AiglerPosterView 
Building Survey, Indoor Source Identification, and Vapor Mitigation Lessons Learned at a Superfund SiteM. Patil, J.D. Graber, and D.C. ShipmanPosterView 
Strategy Used to Avoid Design and Construction of Active Methane Mitigation SystemsM. Patil, S. Reinis, and J. LudlowPosterView 
Strategy Used to Distinguish between Potential Vapor Intrusion, Indoor Sources, or Building Systems MalfunctionS. Reinis, J. Schaettle, H. Farr, and J.F. LudlowPosterView 
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Using HVAC System Engineering Controls: Performance and Reliability DemonstrationD. Shea, J.H. Sanborn, and S.P. SoosPosterView 
Trichloroethylene Removal from an Active Cooling System at the Main Laboratory Building Located at Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, New HampshireN. Schofield, M. Oliva, and M. CicalesePosterView