Green and Sustainable Remediation

A8. Best Practices in GSR



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Two Innovative Approaches to Implementing Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) Best Management Practices (BMPs) per ASTM E2893-16. B. Collins, M. Fulkerson, J. Gamlin, P. Favara, M. Louth, D. Cleland, and C. Delaney.ViewView
 Sustainable Constructed Wetland for Pharmaceutical Waste Leachate and Groundwater Management and Treatment. S. Fisher, M. Kurosaka, A. Chemburkar, A. Kafle, and L. Hosmer.  ViewView
 Public Private Partnership Stimulating Sustainable Biodegradation of Chlorinated Compounds. A.K. Stenger, M.T. Jordan, and C.M. Portela.  View  View
10 Years of SURF: Have We Reprogrammed? A. McNally and J. Torrens.ViewView
 Sustainable Remediation Utilizing a Combined Waste Stream with a Green Technology to Obtain Cost-Effective Closure at a Brownfields Site. K.M. Gaskill, M. Shah, and R. Coffman.  View
Sustainability as a Key Driver in Selecting a Site Remedial Strategy: Installing a Reactive Zone to Mitigate Off-Site Migration.P. Valle, C. Rao, M. Ohse, M. Verbeeck, and D. Nuynes.   View