Bioremediation Implementation Practices

B7. Advances in Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes



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Closing the Nitrogen Cycle: Utilizing Molecular Biological Tools to Address Nitrogen Transformation in Wastewater Treatment. A. Azimi, K. Clark, and D. Taggart.ViewView
Effective Removal of Contaminants of Emerging Concern by Biologically-Active Filters. D. Pham, S. Zhang, L. Axe, and M. Li.  ViewView
Evaluation of Bioelectrochemical Systems for Wastewater Treatment and Energy Recovery at DC Water Blue Plains. A. Leininger, M. Ramirez, and B.V. Kjellerup.   View  View
Recent Innovative Biological Wastewater Treatment Process for Textile Dyeing Wastewater. S. Kanmani.ViewView
The Potentials for Bioremediation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Effluents from a Large Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. R. Jing, S. Capozzi, and B.V. Kjellerup.  View
The Removal of Trace Organic Contaminants (TOrCs) in Urban Stormwater by Bioretention Processes. N.J.M. Fitzgerald, C.P. Higgins, B. Kranner, A.B. Boehm, H. Piza, and A.R.M.N. Afrooz.View 
Treatment of Urban Toxic Contaminants in Stormwater. D. Kaya, K. Croft, C. Yuan, and B.V. Kjellerup.View 
Analysis of Physical and Biological Degradation of PBDEs in Historical Limed Biosolids and THP-AD Treated Biosolids. T. Motley, S. Fischer, B. Kjellerup, N. Andrade, and A. Torrents.ViewView
Managed Aquifer Recharge: Experimental Evaluation of Water Quality Impacts. P. Pradhan, G. Salazar-Benites, C. Bott, and M. Widdowson.View