Application of Bioremediation to Complex Sites

C4. Biodegradation in Complex Geological Settings



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Upscaling of Chlorinated Solvent and 1,4-Dioxane Degradation Data from Detailed Fluvial/Alluvial Stratigraphy to a Site Conceptual Model for Monitored Natural Attenuation. J.P. Brandenburg, C. Payne, M.D. Einarson, P.J. Bennett, and M.Y.J. Chu.ViewView
Deciding When to Use Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy (ESS) and Application to Perfluorinated Compounds Sites. S.K. Kline, W. Nolan, and T. Andrews.  ViewView
Applying Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy (ESS) to Optimize Monitoring and Remediation Design for Groundwater Contamination in Glaciated Settings: A Former Nike Missile Site. M.R. Shultz, C.P. Plank, S. Carney, and R.S. Cramer.   ViewView
In Situ Bioremediation of Aged Low-K DNAPL Source Zone in Complex Geological Settings by Groundwater Circulation Wells for Efficient Amendment Delivery and Contaminant Mobilization. M. Petrangeli Papini, M. Majone, L. Pierro, M. Sagliaschi, S. Sucato, E. Alesi, E. Bartsch, S. Rossetti, and B. Maturro.ViewView
Long-Term Performance Assessment at a Highly Characterized and Instrumented DNAPL Source Area following Bioaugmentation. C.E. Schaefer, G.M. Lavorgna, and M.D. Annable.  ViewView
Attenuation of a Large Dilute Plume after Source Treatment Protecting a Municipal Supply Well. D. Giaudrone, T. Macbeth, M. Gamache, K. Lynch, and C. Cora.ViewView
Combining Remediation Technologies for Complex Hydrogeological Sites Impacted by Chlorinated Solvents (Brazil). S.S. Aluani, M.C.F. Spilborghs, E. Pujol, F. Tomiatti, J.G. Mueller, J.G. Booth, and N.C. Nascimento.View 
Contamination of Baltimore Harbor Sediment with PCBs Has Increased over the Last Century: Is Bioremediation Possible? D. Kaya, B.V. Kjellerup, and K.R. Sowers.View 
Application of Biofilm-Based Inoculum Delivery System for Organohalide Respiration of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Sediments. R. Jing, S. Capozzi, and B.V. Kjellerup.View 
An Adaptive Approach to Treat Chlorinated Ethenes in Fractured Bedrock at a Redevelopment Site. F. Lakhwala, R. Srirangam, R. Harwood, E. Mertz, M. Meriney, and L. Dodge.View 
An Adaptive Approach Facilitates Successful In Situ Remediation of a Mile-Long Solvent Plume and Source Area. N.T. Smith, D.D. Nguyen, N.L. Smith, K.J. Waage, M.R. Lamar, R.A. Wymore, K.S. Sorenson, S. Garcia, and I. Bowen.View