Innovations in Bioremediation Technologies

D2. Advances in Amendment Formulation



Abstract or Paper PDFPresentation PDF
Optimizing EVO Formulations. M.D. Lee, F. Hostrop, and R.L. Raymond.ViewView
Use of Rendered Animal Co-Products as Electron Donors in Environmental Remediation. K.T. Finneran.  ViewView
Pilot Study on In Situ Bioremediation of a Former Wastewater Treatment Pond Containing High Levels of PCBs. K.R. Sowers, U. Ghosh, and R.B. Payne.  ViewView
CAT 100® Applied at Indiana Industrial DNAPL Site. M. Grove, B. Iden, and G. Simpson.ViewView
Performance of a New Activated Carbon Amendment for Bioremediating Petroleum-Impacted Sites. K. Thoreson, P. Erickson, T. Herrington, B. Hicks, S. Sittler, D. Taggart, and K. Clark.ViewView
Advances in AMR Technology to Control Excessive Methanogenesis. J. Mueller, W. Moody, J.G. Booth, M. Scalzi, and K. Finneran.ViewView