Management Approaches and Policy

C7. International Approaches for Site Identification and Cleanup

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Integrated Approach of Contaminated Sediments in FlandersK. Van de Wiele, G. Vanacker, G. Kayens, J. Dewilde, N. Van den Heuvel, C. Van Gool, W. De Cooman, B. Notebaert, K. Vermeiren, K. Van Geert and D. GortemanViewView
Dredged Sediments Management in ItalyF. PeresViewView
New Canadian Guidance for Addressing and Managing Federal Aquatic Contaminated Sites in Working HarboursT. Laing, V. Paquin, D. Loock, K. Weber, S. Dean, M. Scott and M. CormierViewView
Risk Assessment, Remediation, and Sustainable Rehabilitation in Jeddah City, Saudi ArabiaT.O. Jahren, E. Dypvik, A. Helland, H. Vidgren, S. Majdalawi, R.J. Wenning and V.S. MagarViewView
SURICATES: Demonstration through Pilots of Sediment Reuse for Coastal Defense or Climate Change MitigationE. Masson, J. Harrington, A. Widjeveld, R. Lord, H. Groot, T. Debuigne, M. Wensveen, A. Hamilton, M. Benzerzour, M. O'Connor and B. LemiereViewView
Groundwater, Surface Water, and Sediment Assessments Required by EPA/World Bank/Equator Principles: Findings from US and International ProjectsR.C. Bost and L. MagyarViewView
Characterization and Spatial Distribution of Organic Contaminated Sediment Derived from Historical Industrial EffluentsT.R. Walker, E. Hoffman, M. Alimonhammadi, J. Lyons, E. Davis and C.B. LakeView